Double-ups - by side words
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This section has a series of word puzzles. In each puzzle, there are three words written together. The left and middle words form a new compound word, while the middle and right word form another compound word. The problem is, the middle word is missing, and you have to guess it. There is also a clue to help you guess the meaning of the middle word. When you've guessed it, or even if you don't want to, you just mouse over the middle word and you'll see it. To play by seeing the middle word, click on the link above. Have fun and come back for more!

air-head-line: Brainless person is the main focus in the paper.
bare-back-bite: Without a saddle, engage in vicious criticism.
blow-pipe-line: What's used to propel poisoned darts can give rise to a conduit for liquid.
body-clock-wise: You notice it as you get older, going round in the direction of time.
book-worm-hole: A lover of reading might use this to travel across the universe.
bottle-neck-tie: This narrow gap goes well with a suit.
bread-fruit-cake: Grows on tropical trees and is as nutty as this.
broad-cast-off: Proclaim to the world what you don't want to keep.
cock-tail-spin: Fancy drink puts the plane into an uncontrollable plunge to earth.
cold-spell-bound: A short period of chilly weather might leave you completely enchanted.
cow-hand-bag: The cattle drover carries his belongings as a lady would.
cross-country-wide: A long, tough race through the hills can be done throughout the nation.
cry-baby-face: Someone who weeps at the drop of a hat might also be young looking for his age.
double-cross-bones: Engage in treachery and you have half a pirate flag.
dragon-fly-over: You're the one to catch other insects on the wing as this road takes you over the other one without having to stop.

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