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This section is devoted to adverts you may never have seen before. Would you like to buy anything from here? Just don't contact us, but come back for more.

Baggage Reclaim System

Owing to the refurbishment of our airport, we are offering a complete baggage reclaim system for the bargain price of only $167,293!! Less than five years old, it is still under extended guarantee. Although it is designed for a small to medium sized airport, it has many other possible adaptations and uses: So don't miss this chance! Email us now at You won't regret it!

Presidential Candidate Paraphernalia

Last of a job lot of banners, flags, stickers and other equipment tried and tested in a real election environment! Most of it is unused and still boxed for easy shipment. Can be used in any country with minimal alterations, e.g. modification of national colours to red, white and blue and change of candidates' names to McCaine and Palin. Apply P.O. Box GOP000.

Latest fast food outlet on the savannah.

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