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In this section I present samples from The Other Dictionary, a unique dictionary with definitions hitherto unrecorded in any other dictionary. Roll the mouse to the right of the word to see the definition. If you want to see the definition and guess the word, click on the link to "The Other Dictionary - by word" above. Enjoy!

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abacus: Swearing from Swedish 70s pop band
abalone: Solo act from Swedish 70s pop band
abomination: A country which indulges in laying explosive devices
absent: Smell given off by stomach muscle
abstruse: Ceasefire in war between stomach muscles

baguette: Sack had dinner
banditry: Woody plant with bow legs
bank rate: Explosive box
beanstalk: Non-spherical legumes converse
bearskin: Large omnivorous mammal’s relatives

converse: Criminal poetry
cabaret: Arrangement of taxis
cannelloni: Enclose in a metal container a leg joint at a reduced height
carbohydrate: Frequency with which a vehicular arrow-shooting implement can be concealed
census: Feel us

daisy: Last letter of the American alphabet during waking hours
debate: Remove lure from hook
decamp: Get rid of effeminate behaviour
diarist: Change the colour of a hand/arm joint
discount: Insult Dracula

enquire: Become member of singing ensemble
Euro: I’m not going to propel this boat
exact: Get rid of effeminate behaviour
expect: Former spouse bitten repeatedly by bird
eye strain: Freezing locomotive

faeces: Oceans of charges
farcical: Distant harvesting tool
fiancé: Charge levied on oral contribution
finance: Penalise social insects
flighty: Hot drink drunk by winged insects

gallows: Posh young lady is in debt
gastric: Sleight of hand with flammable vapour
gelignite: Set fire to sticky substance
gloomy: Adhere my person
goosy: Ocean of sticky stuff

hackneyed: Necessity for newspaper reporter
halo: Dried grass well down
Hebrews: Man makes tea/beer
helmet: Rendezvoused in Hades
herbicides: The woman as well

iambus: Subjective assertion of personal existence as mode of public transport
ice cold: First person declaration of act of castigation
icily: Ungrammatical first person admission of one’s lack of sense
impacts: Mischievous spirit performs
incense: Innate ability to find hotel

jargon: Glass container missing
juniper?: I didn’t touch her

keep up: Main baby dog
kinky: Monarch solution
knighthood: Nocturnal head covering
knowing: So can’t fly

lactose: Be deficient in foot digits
legate: Lower limb had dinner
light ale: Story of falsehood
limbo: Arm crossing
litotes: Hot drinks made from false foot digit

macro: Be deficient in foot digits
mambo: Lady tie
manganese: Leg joints from a Japanese comic
matrix: Fun and games in late spring
methane: Tarzan refers to self as Scottish noble

naked: Young goat imitates horse
neon: Leg joint in operation
nitro: Line of seats in the dark
nomad: All sane
nubile: Latest invective

one-stop: No longer at the pinnacle
orchid: Mineral child
outcry: Weep more than
outfox: Expose bushy-tailed canine as gay
overhaul: Drag too much

pacy: Give money to have a look
panicky: Pot yucky
paperknife: Give money according to cutting tool
papoose: Toddler comments on father’s activity in toilet
particle: Light-hearted stimulation with fingers at expected standard

quadrant: Diatribe from one of four siblings of equal age
quayside: Door opening implement produced audible expression of longing or regret

rabies: Social winged insects capable of producing beams of light
rampant: One trouser leg for male sheep
ransack: Managed bag
reeking: Crown monarch again
refill: Underwater ridge infirm

saline: Utter part of script
satiate: State woman had dinner
saucepan: Espied width
sciatic: Room at top of house for audible expressions of regret and longing
scintillate: Do wrong up to 20.00 hours

taco: In debt to the tune of a nail
tax exile: Island of copulation between nails
teacake: Hardwood pain
template: Short-term worker not on time
texting: Injury caused by cyber scorpion

undefined: Discovery of knickers
undergo: Not travel far enough
unit: Exhort listener to make a woolly jumper
urchin: Make mistake with end of jaw
utilise: Exhortation to listener to plough optical organs

vagrant: Unfocussed diatribe
valiant: Lowland social insect
vampire: Anger of sexy woman

wake up: Calculate mass of drinking vessel
waxing: Smack and vocalise musically
werewolf: Enquiry as to lupine presence
windows: Moving air is in debt
work-ups: Used to be drinking vessels

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