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This section has a series of word puzzles. In each puzzle, there are two words written together, but both of the words are hidden. This is because the two words can be reversed to produce two different phrases or compound words. There is also a clue designed to help you guess the meaning of the two words. When you've guessed them, or even if you don't want to, you just mouse over the left of the definitions and you'll see them. Have fun and come back for more!

act/out: Perform as if real and do much better than the others in the play.
all/over: It's the end, in total.
back/date: Make it effective from further in the past and show how long it has lasted.
ball/play: Great skills on the tennis court come about if you cooperate.
bone/head: A stupid person can morph into a skull.
book/case: One holds your reading matter and the other records the doctor's visits to patients.
break/point: You can win this if the service is not good, or alternatively catch a wave here.
come/over: Pay a visit and you might be victorious.
cut/off: The point where the flow ceases can become a piece removed from the finished product.
day/off: 24 hours away from the workplace might be a time of poor performance.
end/up: Thinking about what your final position will be, you will probably turn it over.
life/long: From birth to death, we all hope it's many years.
out/point: In order to score far more than your opponent, you have to be demonstrative.
turn/about: A dramatic improvement can result from a sudden change of direction on parade.

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