Two Way Splits
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This section has a series of word puzzles. In each puzzle, there are two words written together, but the meaning can be interpreted in two ways depending on how you put the split in the pronunciation. There is also a clue designed to help you guess the meaning of the two words. Have a look at the example. When you've guessed the words, or even if you don't want to, you just mouse over to the left of the clue and you'll see the words. Have fun and come back for more!

Example: car park/carp ark: A place to leave your vehicle can be a divinely ordained vessel for ornamental fish.

bee fire/beef ire: A conflagration in the apiary shows the anger of the bull.
bike ride/bi cried: A trip on two wheels meant tears from someone doubly sexually attracted.
belt witch/bell twitch: Thrash the wicked old woman to make the ringer jerk.
bill jail/bilge ale: Ask the prison to pay for the disgusting beer.
bump up/bum pup: Increase the amount for the little dog in a poor way.
couch imp/cow chimp: A mischievous little spirit on the sofa could be a bovine primate.
dine owing/die knowing: Have a meal without paying and end your days fully aware.
dumb pair/dump air: The two idiots throw away the full aqualungs.
flame embers/flay members: The dying flickers of the fire come about if you whip those who joined the club.
great ape/grey tape: A gorilla has a dull-coloured sticky strip.
her brain/herb rain: The woman's grey matter turns into fragrant leaves falling from the clouds.
pike ash/pie cash: The burnt remains of the predatory fish might make a good financial return for a baked pastry.
sly scream/slice cream: A cunning cry might cut through the thick dairy product.
tribe heir/try bear: The chieftain's eldest son might make an attempt on the grizzly.
wharf art/war fart: Painting on the jetty represents wind broken in battle.

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